The reputed institutes  Responsio and Sinus have joined forces and produced a comprehensive survey of the German watch market, based on both companies' combined research expertise and market knowledge.
The Watch-Monitor 2013 is the first study of its kind to analyse the market from a consumer's perspective and across all price classes. The survey not only provides detailed insights into fashion and quartz watches, but also allows a reliable analysis of watch brands in the premium and luxury segment. The study provides the most comprehensive overview to date of purchase behaviour and preferences of German consumers and a precise strengths-and-weaknesses-profile of more than 220 watch brands and over 100 advertisements surveyed. Many studies of luxury and premium brands face the challenge of not reaching sufficient samples for those brands only known by a small or very specific target group. Hence, representative conclusions on the whole market are
not possible. This challenge has been met by a two-tier sampling process in which a group of 2,043 respectively 5,075 people were interviewed. The Watch-Monitor is primarily targeted at professionals of the watch industry. The study offers various benefits:
  • A better understanding of target groups
  • Precise strategic market orientation and positioning
  • Optimised marketing-mix activities
  • Competitive analysis and control
  • A higher range of communications and thus reduced media cost
  • Optimised media plans
The study holds valuable information also for luxury goods manufacturers, advertising agencies and media companies who aim to take their marketing-relevant decisions based on current, experiential market research. Further information.