“What makes watch collectors tick”

The Watch-Monitor is the most comprehensive study of the German watch market based on consumer data and provides a reliable source for watch brands for planning their marketing investments.  The survey conducted by renowned research institutes Responsio and Sinus provides the most far-reaching insights into the purchase behaviour and preferences of watch purchasers in Germany currently available. Based on interviews with more than 7,000 consumers, the Watch-Montior not only

includes a detailed overview of fashion and quartz watches, but also provides a solid database for premium and luxury watches.  Concrete profiles comparing strengths and weaknesses are available for more than 200 watch brands.  Furthermore, approximately 250 advertisements and TV spots were analysed.  The Watch-Monitor is targeted primarily at watch industry experts but also provides valuable marketing-specific insights for advertising agencies and luxury good manufacturers.

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Responsio and Sinus have joined resources for the Watch-Monitor to combine their respective watch market expertise and marketing research competence.  We look forward to illustrating how to best apply the findings to your company.


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